DirectBI Services


  • Big Data - High volume, high velocity, and high variety information assets on Hadoop, Spark, Storm and ELK clusters
  • Data Centralization - Database, data mart and data warehouse
  • Data Visualization - Reporting, dashboard and chart
  • Data Mining - Data analysis and predictive modeling

Big Data

  • Design and set up big data platform on Hadoop/Spark/Storm clusters
  • Analyze big data using parallel programming model of Map/Reduce
  • ETL big data into data warehouse using Spark Streaming

Data Centralization

  • Design data warehouse architecture with entity relationship diagram
  • Build database server using MySQL or PostresSQL
  • Extract, transform and load data into data warehouse using Kettle or Talend

Data Visualization

  • Data driven reporting
  • Aggregate and drill down
  • Visualization with chart
  • Global access
  • Real time on demand
  • Automatic and accurate

Data Mining

  • Help make your decisions based on your data with confidence
  • Uncover the values of your data
  • Build customerized models to forecast and predict using data mining
  • Optimize your decision
  • Analyze data with Mahout, Spark, R and Weka

DirectBI Hosting and Managed Service solution

  • The DirectBI Hosting and Managed Services solution handles the technical issues associated with implementing, maintaining, upgrading, and supporting your BI solution. You maintain complete control of all your BI management functions, while DirectBI keeps your BI management solution running smoothly and cost-effectively.

Web development and hosting

  • Help you develop and host your web site using Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP(LAMP)
  • Develop and host your web site with reporting using Linux, Apache, Tomcat, MySQL