DirectBI Products and Applications


  • DirectBI provides standard and intelligent products for your business using advanced technologies in big data and artificial intelligence


  • BI+AI is a general purpose Big-data solution and platform with horizontal scalability, high availability and low latency with the mission to
    Go Big - Big Data
    Go Deep - Deep Learning and AI
    Go Fast - Streaming and Real Time
  • BI+AI delivers features in Big-data and AI:
    Big-data Infrastructure
    Big-data Ingestion
    Big-data Intelligence
    Big-data Insights
    Artificial Intelligence
  • BI+AI builds new eco-system by integrating existing components in
    Kafka Message system
    Hadoop Eco-system
    Spark Eco-system
    Cassandra NoSQL cluster
    Zeppelin visualization system
  • Main applications:
    Web application
    Mobile application
    Social network
  • Main Stacks:
    SMACK (Spark/Mesos/Akka/Cassandra/Kafka)
    ELK (ElasticSearch/Logstash/Kibana)
    LAMMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/MongoDB/PHP)

Twitter Sentiment Analysis Application

  • This is one BI+AI application in Twitter Sentiment Analysis about Trump, Obama, Hillary, etc
  • Results:
    There are much more twitters about Trump than Obama and Hillary
    Overall there are more negative twitters than positive twitters for Trump, Obama and Hillary
    The positive rate of Obama is higher than Trump's and Hillary's
  • Processes:
    Extract twitters and send to Kafka Message cluster
    Spark cluster processes streaming data from Kafka and store into Cassandra NoSQL database
    Use Stanford NLP for Sentiment Analysis
    Zeppellin visualizes data in tables, charts and dashboards
  • Dashboard:


  • Guangnaqu is a genral purpose recommendation system for web application and mobile application, which is based on state-of-art recommendation engine using users' behaviors data. It integrates scalable big data solution with MongoDB, Hadoop and Spark, etc.